Well, what an experience that will last forever! The team was always ready and willing to make it the appropriate service to honor a loved one. Amazing experience during the whole process from beginning to after. 'Anything' was not too much to ask for!

John K.
December 16, 2021

Very satisfied, I would not even consider going somewhere else. I think they went out of their way to accommodate our every wish in this terrible time. I'd like to consider them as friends.

Jeanne C.
April 20, 2021

I went into this for the first experience ever and needed help the whole way. I couldn't have been more satisfied with Susan's help. The setup was perfect, and her assistance during the service was done with kindness and compassion.

Ralph E.
November 21, 2020

Our family couldn't have been more satisfied. Working together with Mattson made it a wonderful experience.

Deborah V.S.
May 4, 2020

I'm so thankful that I chose Mattson to assist us through this difficult time. They were amazing.

Jill W.
May 4, 2020

We only had a cremation done but it was handled very well. Such kindness and sympathy. All interaction was efficient and timely.

Carla M.
March 4, 2020

Thank you for all your help during a difficult time. You have a very nice facility and kind staff members. We especially appreciated your professionalism, Susan.

The Earl Erickson Family
November 20, 2019

Susan and Mattson Funeral Home Team,
WOW! Our family could not ask for a better experience. From the moment we heard you ask what Gio's favorite things are, we knew you had our best interest at heart. Every aspect of this experience, despite the tragic circumstances was genuine, loving and appreciated. Thank you with humble blessings.

Ro and Roger Schmidt
October 30, 2019

She (Susan) was amazing! Couldn't ask for a better director, and she made our decisions come easy. It was the best decision my Mother made to come here. When I am ready, I will be making my arrangements here, too.

Shari S.
May 24, 2019

Thank you all for the many ways you meet the needs of the people you service. In their grief, it is sometimes difficult to express how much it means and how thankful we are for those who "go the extra mile" when life is in chaos. Your creative ways to serve and bless people are amazing.

Corliss and Ty Vadner
April 18, 2019

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the exceptionally hard work on our mom, Mary Mellgren Crouse's funeral. We really appreciate you being so down to earth with all eight of us and for doing such an outstanding job. God Bless

Mary Crouse Family
April 1, 2019

You and the Mattson Funeral Home Family really knocked it out of the park!!! Thank you for going the extra mile and giving the extra effort to make Dad's (Dean Lindgren) funeral a real honor and special memory. He looked great and we don't know how you did it with the uniform, but you were fabulous.
Thanks again,
Dan Lindgren

Dan Lindgren
September 12, 2018

Our family cannot say enough wonderful things about Susan and Kelly. No family should have to plan their child’s funeral, and to be faced with that situation , it was such a comfort to have everything taken care of so wonderfully. They were kind, honest, organized and had thought of everything. We will forever be thankful for the experience we had with them. During such a hard time in our lives it was so nice to have such great people to work with. Thank you!

Jennifer Daas
May 3, 2018

People may not always express how much you have helped, but we wanted to give our thanks to the staff for helping us through a very difficult time of planning the service for Helmut. Everything was very well coordinated, such a beautiful job was done on the displays, and the video you created from our pictures we made is so enjoyable and perfect. Thank you for helping our family through all this.
The Helmut Zimmer Family

Helmut Zimmer Family
February 22, 2018

Thank you for all your care and support as we said good-bye to my husband and the children's father. You made the process go so smoothly, and your graveside service was perfect.

Robert Beckman Family
February 1, 2018

Both my parents died in the same year. They were so wonderful to all of us. They were perfect -- I wouldn't change anything. We would recommend Mattson to anyone.

L. Thompson
February 5, 2017

Paul is an amazing caring person. He took us under his wing and guided us through the whole experience.

Anita S.

Thank you for the excellent support and service. We were so pleased with all the things you provided for us. We had a wonderful celebration of Art's life. You helped to make that happen

Marion Klinefelter and family

We heard from so many people about how wonderful the visitation and the funeral were for my husband Lawrence. All the extra little touches were so nice and greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything you did and the support you gave.

Beatrice Carlson

We want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and compassion during this difficult time

Linda Cogger

We would like to thank the Forest Lake community for the outpouring of support following the sudden death of our son, Michael. Mattson Funeral Home, especially Susan Hutchison, did an outstanding job making long distance arrangements since Mike died in Texas and we were in Florida at the time. Their website allowed Mike's present and past co-workers and friends to tell us what a good friend and employee he was. Tributes from across the US and as far away as Singapore and Mexico made us proud to know how many lives he touched. We will be eternally grateful to all of you and are proud to call ourselves Forest Lakers

Erin and Dick Gross

Yesterday my baby nephew, Riley Dean Schaller was laid to rest. Thank you so much for the wonderful, caring, loving, Christian environment and support through it all. You help turn a heart breaking situation into a peaceful and memorable one, God's Blessing on you all and thank you.

Luke and Jessica's Family

Thank you for the caring and very nice job you did with the funeral of our loved one, Todd Summer. Your kindness and attention to detail will always be remembered

The Family of Todd Summer

I want to thank you so much for tending to all the details for Lorinne Eggert's funeral.  It means so much to me to have the cardinal from the floral piece in her memory.  I have it on my fireplace mantel.  I miss her, and think of her often.  Thank you for all you do!

Pam Connally

We would like to thank you for your patience in guiding us through the difficult and painful time of preparing for Joe's funeral.  The kindness and support that your staff showed was deeply appreciated.  Thank you.

Sharon Siegert and family

Your empathy, consideration, flexibility and attention to detail were exemplary and the continued connection and thoughtfulness of the Mother's Day card and grief counseling info and brochures are extremely helpful.  Thanks to all for everything.

Tom and Ruth Rauscendorfer

I wanted to thank you because I feel you really did care, and your disposition was so calming.  You were very helpful and you were always available when we needed more information.  The candle was so nice, it was perfect!  Thank you very much!

Darlene Armstrong and the family of Kevin Armstrong

We wanted you to know how much of a Godsend you were to work with.  You were so knowledgeable, professional, reassuring and you continue to be helpful through the weekend.  You genuinely cared about how we were handling this new and difficult life experience.  You eased our sorrow

Rene Niemczyk and the family of James Dunn

Thank you both so much for being on this journey with us.  We could not have prayed for a more compassionate, caring couple to assist us through this heart shattering process.  The extra special care you gave in allowing us to bring our son home did not go unnoticed.  Not only did you bless us with your generosity, but God was pleased as well.  Thank you again.  May God pour His blessings in your lives as you bless others.

James and Kelly Belmont

Thank you very much for all the kindness, support and true caring shown to me and all my family in caring for Dad in such a caring and thoughtful touch.  Thank you for helping to make the visitation and service one of the most memorable services ever.

Candy and Dan Pierro

Just wanted to thank you again of taking such good care of my aunt Iny.  I'm very impressed with you and Mattson's.  You did a most excellent job.  Thank you.

Lora Amaro

Our family wishes to thank you for the wonderful and compassionate care you provided to us with the death of our Mother, Ruth Grant.  Thank you.

Allan Grant

Thank you for all the time, energy and materials that go into the Heartley Bear project.  Everything was well organized.  It was a lovely time for my family to get together and tell more stories and work together on a project.  We love the bears.  They will represent Mike in family photos.  Thank you for sponsoring this beautiful ministry

The family of Michael Gross

Just a note to thank you for sponsoring the Heartley Bear project.  It was just great to create this darling and lovable bear!  It seemed like we were all so excited to feel our loss lifted and become a fun memory.  So grateful to you and all the volunteers for making it happen.  God Bless.

Carolyn Griffith

Dick and I want to thank you for remembering us on Mike's birthday.  We appreciate your warm thoughts and comforting message-always and forever

Erin and Dick Gross

Thank you so much! You guys are the best. You made everything so much easier then we expected. Thanks again.

Rick & Joannie

My mother-in-law and my late wife aunt made two teddy bears just recently at your place. I just love mine so much and this has brought more healing to me. God Bless you all. 

Dave Gill

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to attend one of your Heartley Bear Days with my sister Carol. Sharing with others who were working their way through loss brought another step of healing. Your staff & volunteers were so caring and helpful. It's wonderful and comforting to have a Bear made from some of my daughter Sandi's favorite clothing. Carol gave the Heartley Bear she made to Sandi's husband, David. He was very touched also. Thank you Mattson Funeral Home for sponsoring this Heartley Bear Day and thank you for sharing this idea with others.

Alice Jones

I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for all you did to assist our family in creating an honorable farewell service for our aunt, Iny Hammond. We all agree that we can't think of anything that was missing or anything that we wish had been done differently. In other words: it was perfect. 
In particular I was grateful for your gentle, gracious way of handling two delicate moments: the moment when the casket is closed and the moment when everyone has to leave the graveside. Those moments are both so final that they are hard to get through. You structured the schedule so that most people were outside when the casket was closed which helped a lot. And it meant SO much to know someone was attending her when we left the graveside until cemetery staff arrived. When her husband passed my son was ? and he had a meltdown that scars him to this day because nobody attended the casket when family left. The perception of leaving him all alone was too much to bear. I wondered how that moment would go with Iny and you made it comforting. And you, Kari, were always resourceful, compassionate and gracious. I can't thank you enough! 
God Bless You,

Joan Del Rio

Thank you so much, for all the gorgeous handmade things for the Outerwear Fair. So far this season we gave out   winter wear to 466 people so your things were very much needed & appreciated- God Bless You All!!


Thank you very much for the program that Linda and attended last Sunday. We thought it was very well done, it was an excellent touch. We thought that the Pastor did an excellent job. I told him after we broke to add to the chain, that I thought that he had done an excellent job of selecting his words. 
Well done Mattson Funeral Home Staff.

Linda & Bill Steinke

I want to thank you for the beautiful Remembrance Service on Sunday. It's amazing to see the number of people who are going through the same thing we are.

Tia Davis

Thank you for the beautiful remembrance ornament! It is just beautiful and I will treasure it always. All of you at Mattson's have been so supportive to me, it all means a great deal to me.

Candy Peirro

I can't thank you enough.. but I hope you know I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you so much for being who you are. You helped me through a difficult time. Your genuine care and concern is a credit to your person. Again, thank you!

Diane Marks

Thanks so much for the wonderful Service of Remembrance. It was so very nice and it meant so much to me. The cross was so pretty & I have it on the xmas tree with a light showing thru the opening. It was so thoughtful of all of you. Thanks again!

Sharon Raehsler, In Memory of Gene Palmer

I want to thank you so much for the cross. It's so beautiful. Susan is the one I met and she just did everything for our mother & grandmother, and I must thank her for that- bad weather kept us home

Myrtle Richardson's daughter Bea Shaw

Just a note to thank you for the kindness, compassion and professionalism you showed us during the loss of our family member, Karen Palmer. We so appreciated your guidance and patience with all of us as we said goodbye. There is a long road of healing ahead for us but thanks to you we having nothing but a loving remembrance of our last two days with her. Thank you for guiding us through the details. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate you and your time!

Nancy Smith

Thank you so much for all you have done.

Thelma Rasmussen

Thank you for your good service through all of this and kindness.

Pat Hess & Family, Terry Goeltl & Family

Thank you for all of your help while preparing for the cremation of our dad, William Colter. We really appreciate your sensitivity, flexibility, and great personality. You ensured a successful service and did such an amazing job with our family. Thank you again, for making this experience such a positive one. 

Jacqueline Colter & Angela Colter

Thank you for all your work in getting everything together, I heard lots of comments on how nice everything was. Sometimes we never hear about the good things we do, and how our jobs count, so I just want to say we all think you guys did a great job. Connie would have loved it! 

Dave and the girls

Thank you so much for the Heartley Bear event you sponsored for your families. Brooke and Claire treasure their Ava bears! As years pass and their young memories fade, the bears will be a tangible reminder of their sweet sister who was here for such a short time. Thanks again for the continuing care you have provided our family. May God continue to bless your ministry as you assist others through this heartbreaking process. 
Much love and appreciation,

Chuck, Shanna, Brooke, Claire & Angel Ava

I wanted to write you to say thank you so much for the beautiful service on behalf of my mother Connie Watters. We couldn't have asked for more! You guys went above and beyond our expectations and everything we asked for. You were so helpful and were so accommodating to everything we had asked. We received so many complements and how professional and wonderful you guys were! You also understood some of our humor, so once again thank you. I also know that my mom would be very happy with the way everything turned out. You went above and beyond with helping us with things available in the community!! I know that more people showed up than we expected and you guys made sure everyone was taken care of. From the bottom of my heart and from my family THANK YOU! It was beautiful.

Jess Jarvis

We appreciate your compassionate care during this extremely difficult time with the loss of our son Aaron. Thank you for all you did to ease the pain and to create a beautiful tribute in celebration of his life.

Marilyn and Larry

Dear Susan, As a fellow program participant, and member of the NFDA Pursuit of Excellence Committee, I would like to personally congratulate you and your staff for earning the 2010 Pursuit of Excellence Award. As award winners, we're working to strengthen the image of our profession and the important work we do, and represent innovation and integrity within funeral service. Thank you for leading the way in exceptional service to families!

Stephanie Doriguzzi

Thank you so much for your wonderful service and personal help during our mother's funeral. It was a beautiful tribute to her life. You have chosen the perfect career for yourself... you have a special gift.

Diane Smith

Thank you so much for being involved in our church's Good Friday Service. Your presence at the service definitely brought a realistic feel to an old story and helped bring a new relevance to the death and life of Jesus. Your service to our church was highly valued and appreciated!

Julie Graham & Pastor David

Kelly, Thank you for the card remembering the 1st anniversary of Mike's Death. We also read the quarterly booklets you sent. They were a comfort for Dick and I. It is a ray of sunshine on a dark day to know others are sharing the day with us


We've said this verbally, but wanted to convey our appreciation and gratitude for the excellent service we've received from Mattson's this past week. From the initial contact with Jessica and Kari last Saturday night, through all interactions with Jessica and other Mattson associates, to Kelly and Duane yesterday and today- everyone was extremely professional, compassionate, patient and thorough. We especially appreciate the options presented, the pressure- free conduct of Jessica and the extra touches. Our father looked amazing (we still can't believe we are saying that...who would've thought?); we're still receiving comments on that. 
We can't find enough positive words to thank Jessica. You have a gifting for this service-oriented profession. We would not have been able to predict that this process would be so pleasant. Thank you!
With deepest gratitude,

The Family of Cliff Deans

Thank you for your kindness and attention to detail in helping with my mother's-Jacqueline Weisser- Herzog's- interment on Saturday, April 23 at Calvary Cemetery. And Susan, thank you for your patience in scheduling all of this.

Joe Herzog

Thank you again Susan, people are still remarking on what an awesome service it was!


Everyone- Thank you so much for making my mom's funeral a great goodbye! The celebration of her life holds great memories for our family. The way everyone helped to put this all together was so wonderful. It was very comforting to our family to know we only had to make one stop and have all our needs covered. Your funeral home and all of your wonderful people took very good care of our family!

The Olson Family

Susan, I can't thank you enough for the fabulous job you did helping us with numerous things that needed to be done during this very difficult and hurtful time in our lives. I know our service celebrating Frank's life ran a little long, but he was such an amazing man and so very very special all of us! Thank you too for delivering the flowers and everything to our home. We all appreciated your guidance, compassion, and understanding. Missing Frank has only just begone, we just have to take it one day at a time, with God's help we'll make it. You are a wonderful person. God Bless You

Barb Jusczak & Family

Thank you for the delicious cookies, they are such a treat! Thank you for allowing me to participate in the Heartley Bear Program. I always look forward to working with the families on that day! Knitting for the needy is also a favorite. Congratulations for all that you do for our community

Joy Johnson

Dear Mattson, WOW- you are all amazing- you have a gift. We all felt like we were treated as Royalty. We feel like our dad was an awesome man, father, husband, friend- and you made is seem so too. We appreciated that so much more than you'll ever know! Count ALL of us in on the October Heartley Bear Event! God Bless You! We loved working with our during our sorrow. Much love and appreciation

Pam Pearce

Our sincere thanks once again for your compassionate care, for your artistic and technical help, and for your kind support.
With deep gratitude,

Marilyn and Larry

Thank you for the thoughtful and generous gift to our residents of the DVD A Glimpse of the Past. I've shown it a couple of times now and my residents point out people they remember, sing along with the music, and a couple have teared up recognizing scenes from their past. Viewing has sparked great discussions and touched many hearts! We will watch is over and over!!! Thank you for always thinking of us!

Gina Porter

Thank you so much for all you have done for us. You have made a painful time and process as painless as it could be. Your customer service is above pretty much everything i have experienced in my life. I would be glad to count you as friends at this point. As you said, I hope to never have to do business with you again anytime in the near future :) Thank you for allowing/helping us laugh a little during this process. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Trisha Jensen & Family

I want to thank all of you for all the help and kindness shown to both me and my family during this time; it is much appreciated and felt. Love to you all!

Myra & family

Susan, Your funeral home handled my brother and his service with the upmost of gentle care; from the way he looked, right on down to the placemats for the tables and the great surprise to the container he would be placed in. ALL was with the love of God above guiding your hands. I could not believe how nice his service turned out on a shoe string budget. We were truly pleased to have you watching over us. May God reward you for your kindness. 

The family of Richard Schmitz

Thank you so much for being a star supporter of our upcoming night to unite event. Everyone at Mattsons has always been so supportive to Birchwood and you have no idea how much it is appreciated! Our continual teamwork is looked forward to by everyone in our campus. Thank you for your many years of support in everything!

The Birchwood Team

To Everyone at Mattsons, I just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated all you did for my mom and for our whole family. Thank you so much for treating us and my father's memory with such kindness. I don't know what we would have done without you. You made a very painful process a little easier, and we are so grateful to all of you for it. 
Thank you again, Jen Gayski

Bill Turenne Family

To All of You- Susan, Kelly and all the ones we did work with-you knew every thing we had to do and took care of it, which made it very easy for us. I thank you very much- our mom looked beautiful.

Bea and Joyce

To the Mattson Funeral Home Staff, Your professional, compassionate service and guidance is one of outstanding performance. Paul you never forgot one detail. The funeral service was how I visioned it. Everything was Perfect. Thank you, for making a most difficult situation a little easier. The family of Todd Fisher

Connie Fisher

Thank you, for your professional services, and your after care attention. 
With Much Appreciation,

Connie Fisher

To Mattson Funeral Home- The family of Sheila Lundberg would like to Thank you for everything. The guidance- comfort and the process of finalize our mother's death was made less fearful with your help.

Tammy Liljedahl, Joe & Chad Peterson.

You made the whole funeral a pleasant experience. Thanks so much!

Kauls Family

I cannot start to thank you for the love and care you had taken in regards to my beautiful Michael.  This has been an unbelievably hard thing to deal with.  You and yours have made it a little bit more bearable.  The memorial you sent me brought tears to my eyes as the poem pretty much summed up, what I believe, Michael was thinking.  Your continued support has been amazing."  God Bless you all!

Lisa Annand

Thank you again for your tender loving care at a difficult time. You all made it so much easier. Thank you also for the laminated cards with the obituary on one side and the poem on the other, my kids and I really appreciated it. Hope everything is going well with your baby.

Donna Carpenter

Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for my Dad's funeral service. You did a wonderful job. We really appreciated it.

Dawn Solheid and Family

Your professional, compassionate service and guidance is one of outstanding performance. Paul, you never forgot one detail. The funeral service was how I visioned it. Everything was "perfect". Thank you for making a most difficult situation a little easier.

Connie Fisher and Family

Thank you so much for the hanging basket of flowers you sent for Gordon's funeral. We especially thank you for the great service and care you provided. Everything was just a "step above"... from the service folders, to the displays representing Gordon's life. After the funeral an 85 year old lady said to me she had "never been to a more personalized service". We thank you.


"I would like to thank you and your Heartley Bear team for the beautiful bear. I was so excited when Mary told me that you would be able to make this bear in memory of her mom. It turned out absolutely beautiful and she will always treasure the bear. Congrats on your little one, I am so happy for you, thanks again.

Marty and Diane Budke

Thank you for sending me the book on "The Pain of Grief" I find it very helpful.

Bert Tyler

Thank you so much for all of your help and kindness you showed during the planning and preparation for Mother's funeral. I'll never forget it.

Linda Rippetoe, daughter of Juanita Vining

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your compassion and help in a difficult time and situation. Both Steve's son, Trenton and I thank you.

Desiree Heller

In a Word-AWESOME!  Each of you played an important role in planning and executing my Grandma's Memorial.  Thank you for making such a difficult time suprisingly enjoyable and meaninful.  Also, Paul thank you for being at the service even though your son had just been born.  You were a comfort to us.  God Bless!

The Marty Olson Family

Thank you so much for all your help with the services and burial of my grandmother, Dorothy Chalupsky.  I know that our situation was unique and took more time and energy than most.  I want to personally thank you and the staff for your time and patience during this process.  We have always looked to Mattson's for our family’s needs and we do enjoy working with you!  Thank you for everything

Amy Tye

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the work you and Allison provided in orchestrating my father's funeral.  It was outstanding!  It couldn't have gone any better.  We had a wonderful celebration of Dad's life.  You were very cordial in accommodating all the stuff we brought.  Allison couldn't have done any better organizing the stuff into memorable displays.  You were very patient in walking us through the details.  We probably made you a bit uncomfortable with the cemetery golf, but it was a delightful tribute to Dad. Thanks for tolerating this abnormality.  We'd gladly recommend your services to others!

Dwight and Pat Benoy

As time continues to move on, Cindy and I just wanted to thank you all for your passionate participation in Karyn's service. We sure had a nice time celebrating Karyn and letting go of her. As Pastor David encouraged us, we'll all carry a bit of her away with us. Each of you clearly have a gift from God that you shared in Karyn's honor. This really makes it a special time when God's people come around a delicate flower such as Karyn. May God richly bless each of you as you continue to serve Him.

Dave & Cindy

Thanks to all that helped us at this time.  It's much appreciated.  Your staff is GREAT!

Harold Pedersen

Thank you so much for all you have done for our family.  You did an excellent job with Dad.  I will never forget your generosity with my family.

Regina (Mohr) Gardner

Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding while helping me plan my dad's funeral.  I've never done anything like this before and I had no idea where to start, but you guided me through and made everything run smoothly.  You were absolutely wonderful to work with.  Also, thank you for going above and beyond.

Sarah Metcalf

Thank you so much for taking great care of our family.  The service of remembrance was beautiful and emotional.  You show care and professionalism in the good work you do.

Ken Owens

Just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to help in the loss of my husband Marlin Houfer.  My granddaughter and I attended the beautiful Service of Remembrance~it was done so beautifully, and we enjoyed the minister, he spoke so clearly and made the service great.  My best to all of you.

Sincerely, Elsie

I just wanted to send a special thank you to you for the wonderful service you helped us arrange for my dad.

Shannon Larkey

We want to thank the staff for the beautiful Celebration of Life for Shannon.  The message given by Susan Hutchison was very touching and heartfelt.  Many who attended said it was one of the most beautiful celebrations they had been to.  Your services were excellent and could not have been better.  We miss Shannon so much, but know she is in Heaven and is happy.

The Spence Family

Mattson Funeral Home Staff, Thank you for all you did during this most difficult time.

The Family of Darcy Koester

Kenneth, As I sit here and think about the day our family had, How perfect the service was and how our needs and questions were met and answered.  Everything was just how I wanted it.  The staff was amazing.  You were my angel through the whole ordeal.  The personal touches were just so perfect!  Thank you so much.  Much love,

The Bowens Family

Susan, Blake and Brooke were so impressed with how much time you took to get to know their dad and make his funeral a simple yet classy event.  Obviously, the passing of a loved one is never easy, but you made it much easier for the whole family by taking not only Blake and Brooke's requests to heart, but also accommodating the wishes of Grandma and Grandpa Pfaffendorf.  Our whole family appreciates your dedication to helping us remember Gordy's life as we grieved his death.

The Pfaffendorfs

They make you feel like family.  They are professional, caring and understanding. I would recommend Mattson's to anyone.  When you lose a loved one the paid is heartbreaking, but they made it bearable.


Ken, Erica and Kelly - Thank you all for your kindness, support and help at the time of our loss. You were all so wonderful. Your kindness was so appreciated.

The Family of Dennis Russ

Words cannot express how much we thank you for the expressions of sympathy and all the help you provided us during our moment of sorrow. We are truly grateful for your friendship and support. Thanks also on a great job recapping moms life in the video DVD. A special thank you to Neil for making it to her service.

The Family of Delores Engquist

Mattson's is top notch in serving us and maintaining excellent service with honor and dignity.  Everything was excellent!  They do an exceptional job of assisting the fmaily through all aspects of the funeral.


They were perfect in every way.  I couldn't imagine any changes.  I have dealt with these good folks for over 50 years.  I couldn't imagine anyone would go elsewhere.


Cody and I cannot thank you enough for being such a kind hearted and supportive person during this tough time for our little family. Thank you for thinking of all the little things and helping us honor and celebrate our son!

Jessalyn and Cody Good

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the kindness and warmth you showed to my mom, Janet Schmidt during and after the passing of my step-dad. You really went above and beyond. Thanks for your help during this hard time.

The Family of Del Schmidt

Susan, Thank you for your help and support through such a difficult time.  You and your staff helped put pieces together when things do not seem to make sense.  Sincerely,

The Family of Kathleen Wagstrom

Ken, Thank you for all of the help in arranging my husband Craig's funeral.  You gave us such excellent guidance with caring and efficiency that made the process much easier in such a sad occasion.  Thank you for calmly listening with sympathy and caring advice along the way. You made every step much easier.  Gratefully and Sincerely, 

Elaine Anderson

To All at Mattson, Our profound thanks to you all for the great job you did in arranging the funeral for my brother David Anderson who died August 25, 2013 and was memorialized at Willowbrook Church in September.  The support and guidance given to the family and the wonderful video put together by your staff was simply wonderful, such good memories and comfort after a loss.  God's Blessings,

Linda and Mike 

To the Mattson Family, Thank you so much for all your sincere kindness through the passing of our mom.  You all are very special people and we do so truly appreciate all your tender care.  Love to you All, 

The Family of Carol Preisler 

Kari, Thank you for all you did for my mother and my family.  I can't imagine how we would have gotten through this process without you.  My mom was such a big and important part of my life, thank you for treating her life with such dignity and respect.  I know you meet many people and could never possibly remember everyone, but I hope you know I will never forget you, and everything you did for my mom and dad.  You hold a very special place in my heart.  Thank you for all you did and continue to do for us.

Jen Gajeski

Susan, Thank you doesn't cover how grateful my family and I are to have met and worked with you during this time.  You truly exceed at your job in all measures and details.  We will be sharing our experiences with others.  Your personality is a a joy and we needed the giggles.  My Grandma Marge would have been proud of all your arrangements...especially her hair, which turned out great!! God Bless,

Danielle Clucky and Vineski Family

Susan, Thank you for your very professional service regarding Eva's funeral. You did a great job! Mattson has a really super team who were so helpful with our many questions and concerns. Susan, you were a true leader helping us through a difficult time. Best to you always.

Richard Haluptzok

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